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For The Fans, Not The Money - Boycott Kunicon's Journal
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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in For The Fans, Not The Money - Boycott Kunicon's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
5:11 pm
Mission Accomplished?
Manny has finally updated his LJ at http://www.livejournal.com/users/moadib/2618.html

Essentially he's claiming he was mislead completely by the family that owns Subarashii Nation and that he was just following orders. How much of this is true and how much of it is Manny covering up for his own incompetence is up for debate, but essentially it looks like Kunicon has indeed collapsed within one year, just as many of us had hoped and expected.

In any case, Kunicon is dead in the water. It'll take a while to see whether or not Manny, Michieru (who, oddly enough, has wiped his LJ) or anybody else involved in the con have learned from their mistakes, but at least no more fans will waste time or money as a result.
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
9:18 pm
Death of Kunicon?
As many of you know, Kunicon's less than two months away and no site, no prereg, nothing. Could this be the inevitable end of this God-forsaken convention that so many of us have had countless problems with in the past? I'd also like to make a note of something; That "Michieru" person called Manny a dipshit (http://www.livejournal.com/users/moadib/2451.html?thread=18835#t18835) who's been avoiding calls from STAFF members... Even that Michieru person who's stuck up for him on numerous occasions on this very Live Journal community is calling him out. Now, I have absolutely nothing against this Manny person (never met him, so I can't judge) but this whole thing of no site, no announcements, etc. is upsetting me as a con-goer. Does Subarashii intend on keeping the death of the Miami con (the con that started it all) a secret in hopes that people will forget about it and erase this con from their memories completely? I find this to be very insulting. We're not morons nor are we ostriches. We just don't FORGET things just because we can't see something due to people sweeping things under the rug, so to speak.

I'd like to discuss this with the people of this community because it's honestly a slap in the face. I think it's about time we do.
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
8:02 pm
This appeared on Manny's livejournal (http://www.livejournal.com/users/moadib/2451.html?nc=18):

I heard that Kunicon may not be able to continue! Boo! That'd make me so sad....but, really, if there's anything I can do, just email me and I'm sure us Dir en grey rockers here in Denver would be glad to come up with something!

~Die, Denver

P.S. Just got back from NDK, it sucked. You guys woulda been so happy to hear how many people were raving about how awesome Kunicon was. Left and right 'KUNICON WAS SO COOL!'

Friday, September 16th, 2005
9:49 pm
Kunicon Reg Site Up


The sketchiness of everything they've been doing lately continues to shock, awe, and amuse.  How anybody claiming to be competent enough to run a convention can attach their name onto this is beyond me.  Also notice how the bottom left corner links to a .org site instead of .com... I guess despite gookachu's discovery that they're still a for-profit LLC they think a name change will fool everyone.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
12:35 pm
Inside Kunicon... from a staffer?
Copied verbatim from michieru_'s journal entry on Sept 9th.  He basically seems to be passing the blame from Manny onto this Mark guy.  Very interesting read.

Cut for long rambling paragraphsCollapse )
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
12:24 am
So despite making the most balanced Wikipedia entry about Kunicon possible, and keeping it as unbiased as I could while presenting all the controversial topics I could find, the entry has been changed to both remove the link to this community, and delete a huge chunk of my text, with the editor (I can only guess who) claiming it was too biased, and calling me out on the wiki's "Talk" page.

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
12:38 pm
Acen 06
For those who don't keep up with these things, Anime Central 2006's dates have changed (again).

The "Official" dates are May 5-7.

Sounds like a party to me!

Also, DeathCom Multimedia finally got their masquerade video up.

Kunicon's website is still one big 404 for me. Have they given up on their projects? Are they dumb and don't know how to pay their bills? Are they really just *that* negligent to have not noticed their website being that broken? Who knows ^_^;
Monday, August 15th, 2005
11:19 pm
Battleship down! Battleship down!

Kunicon's website seems to be 404ing completely for me.  Same for anyone else?  Maybe they forgot to pay their hosting bill again...  In any case, it's 4 months until Kunicon Miami and they still haven't officially announced a date or a location (although last time I checked, Manny posted to the forum saying that they're unofficially staying at the same hotel as last year).

Also, I talked some more with Maboroshi regarding his thoughts on Kunicon - he actually has many stories to tell now that his NDA has expired, but it's a lot to type and he doesn't quite have that much time.  However, if someone happens to run into him at a con (see http://www.risingsun.net/events.shtml for a list) and mentions their affiliation with this group, he'd be more than willing to spill all.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
12:14 am
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
5:29 pm
Things of Note
-The Kunicon front page has been updated to include Miami, but with 5 months to go until December they still haven't announced a date or location. The distribution of the dates is also interesting - December '04 (Miami), March '05 (St. Louis), May '05 (Atlanta), June '05 (Denver), and then... ntohing for 5 months?  Is Kunicon running out of steam, money, or both?

-Manny did a bit of housecleaning in the forum -  the Temperments & Lovingness section for Miami has been wiped clean, and everything posted about OtakuCon Miami was moved to another section (in which threads will be auto-pruned after 30 days of inactivity). Someone should post to that 17-page 'Wow did OtakuCon Suck' thread once a month just to make sure it keeps going.

-The profile for this LJ needs a better list of Florida cons as an alternative to Kunicon Miami.  Can anyone familiar with Florida's scene come up with a worthwhile list?
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
5:27 pm
Announcement from Killer Rock Radio
DJ Killer from www.krradio.com has asked us to post the following information.

If someone did not get a prize they should have from Kunicon, or were not reimbursed by Kunicon, to contact him over at www.krradio.com

You can read about the request over here.
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
6:48 pm
More Kunicon Updates
Well, as the time passes, more and more reports are coming in concerning Kunicon Denver. The truth is being told, as truth always will. It's the internet, afterall, and you certainly can't censor anything that goes on here.

The following are snippits taken from the Kunicon Forum regarding Staff Members voicing their opinion about the convention.

We really need to have a talk one on one sometime. I understand that probably in your eye Kunicon denver was a success. I really saw it as failure and I too take the blame. I really just kept an eye on how exactly the convention was running so I was really more observing how thing's where going. I saw many simple issues that could of been fixed but have not. I also read reviews of people complaining on things you said they where allowed to do and then when it's convention time you tell them no. I have the following information I want to discuss with you.

This is a staff member, writing an email to Manny, specifically saying "Hey, look! There are problems here!"

A staff member told me we get paid by percentage on how much Kunicon makes, good idea not bad at all. But if kunicon goes downhill on it's budget how would (us) staff react? You would eventually see your enemies and your real friends, on this one. Some people would work for free because hey it's a convention you get to work and chill there basically, so it's cool. But what about those guys who actually work for money? Then they get a 100 dollar check. I am sure nobody would say nothing at first but if it repeats people are going to get Adhesive Medical Strips off. I know this because it's happened to me.

This statement to me, is most amazing. It really drives home what we've all been fearing. That Kunicon really is just a "for profit" convention. Now, I've been involved in cons for nearly 3 years. Just recently I've started helping behind the scenes of some conventions, and I've come to realize, it is nearly impossible for a convention to make enough money to pay people to work for it. I can only guess that the people who get paid in this situation are the people who work directly for Subarashi Nation. At most conventions, any actual profit that a con makes (meaning at the end of the weekend, any money that is left over after all the bills are paid) go directly to making the con better for next year. Conchairs have other jobs outside their convention life. They work, and make money, but not from the convention. What I'm seeing here, is people getting paid to run these conventions. This is there full time job. And I also think this is where their downfall will be.

For the complete letter to Manny, written by one of the Staffers, HERE.

Now, going along with dokool's most recent post, if you do feel the need to reply to this post on the Kunicon forum, please be respectful. No "zOMG this con totally sux0rs. U guys suck it big time!!!!11" okay? You are representing a group of mature people who disagree with Kunicon and how they are being run. Hopefully, if we remain respectful and intelligent, other people will start to take notice, and hopefully Kunicon won't remain a con for much longer.

Make sure to read the report by the other person on the forum, because it is also a good read.
6:53 pm
Eyes on the prize, folks
So, it's that time of year again - the beaches are packed with people, the sun doesn't set until after 8PM, and Manny's joke of a company has run another Kunicon into the ground, this time apparently threatening the well-being of another convention (Nan Desu Kan) because of the number of people who've confused the two.  We all knew this was coming, and while St. Louis and Atlanta almost seemed competently run, Denver has brought fresh memories of OtakuCon to anyone familiar with it.

Here's the problem as I see it - there are two sides to this battle.  There's us, the people who've been in the con scene for years, and there are the otaku who just don't know better.  I read the Kunicon forums and I don't see fans who've had a great con experience, I see kids for whom Kunicon is their first convention.  So they like Kunicon.  Can you blame them for not knowing any better?  While any of us would laugh at the idea of Kunicon taking the Pepsi Challenge against whatever our convention of choice is , the reality is that for the most part they just don't have better options.

So, the good news is that Kunicon continues to do poorly to mediocre, just as it has been doing for the past half-year.

The bad news, however, is that while there's plenty of anti-Kunicon sentiment throughout otakudom, it's all spread out and behind the scenes.  We lack focus.  We lack eloquence.  We lack unification.  It's much like the same problem that the Democrats have against Bush, if you'd like another analogy.

My point here... actually, I have several.

Point the First:  We gotta clean up our act - post like gookachu's are excellent at showing our displeasure from a human perspective, but frothing diatribes (gookachu, no offense intended) are no way to win over the masses.  Post smart.  Give Mr. Shift Key a break.  Try to refrain from gratuitous profanity.  Present your evidence (remember high school essays! the more sources, the better) clearly.

Point the Second:  We need more people.  Tell your friends, tell your forums, tell your otaku-related communities.  Don't spam, but do your best to get the word out.

Point the Third:  Kunicon seems to have lost so much steam that they have yet to even announce dates for their next con (most likely Miami, the place where all of this started back in December).  If we can get organized enough to deal a killing blow to the convention (I'm talking causing severely low attendance via word of mouth here, not driving a truckbomb through the front door of the hotel), that will most likely be more than enough to finish things off.  To that effect I encourage anyone with ideas to speak up - One thing I suggested to leechan is that we approach all of the existing Florida conventions and get them to publicly denounce Kunicon and support a boycott.  How could this be accomplished?

The tide is turning, my bretheren.  And now I yield the floor to leechan, who will present something very interesting I discovered not 15 minutes ago.
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
2:36 am
Someone posted something in a comment about former employees warning to stay away from Kunicon. Now, while I realize that former employees aren't the most non-biased sources, I'm still curious.

I came across, at one point, a post or two by the previous IT guy for Subarashii who had a slightly different take on why he left and why their web hosting needed to change providers. Unfortunately, I apparently didn't bookmark it. Any help?
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
10:13 am
i think deserves a post all of its own

there was this comment posted on the previous post. my comment was here.

the person wrote back here


that was not the original post. as you all know, even if you delete a comment, the moment you press "post" the email gets sent to the OP.

the real comment can be seen here.

or, if you don't have acrobat, the original post is hereCollapse )

so, apparently manny the moron is really and 18 year old girl???? or, did he change in 2 days? did he find a way to go back and time, AND get a gender reassignment at the same time???

or, like i've always said, he's a big fat liar.
Monday, June 20th, 2005
1:00 pm
kunicon con report
first, let me say i've been going to conventions since 1993. i've been to a lot of conventions in my day. i've been to star trek conventions, gaming conventions, fantasy conventions, historical recreation conventions, anime conventions, sci-fi conventions. i've been to lawyer conventions, even. and i have to say,


kunicon was the worst run, worst managed, most retarded convention i've ever had the unpleasure of being at. and, they have earned my everlasting ire and hatred, for they slandered and maligned a good friend of mine. they are liars, thieves and frauds, and i really hope NDK sues their fucking pants off.

out of clarity, this will be in chronological orderCollapse )

x-posted to my own journal.
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
3:07 am
Boycott Kunicon Atlanta!
Well, I set out to research this conterversy called Kunicon (also known as "UsoCon" now ... Uso being Japanese for liar), and I found some pretty amazing stuff. Some might argue that all these qoutes come from biast sources, but I don't think that the Anime News Network is too terriably biast. Here's what they have to say:

Unfortunately, no matter how good a convention's program seems to be, what makes any con sink or swim are purely operational factors. How much is the schedule off? Does sound bleed over between rooms? What are the acoustics in Main Events? According to most reports published so far, OtakuCon, held on December 17-19, was a failure. The programming side of things seemed to be fine enough, but the operational issues-the same kinds of operational issues common at every first-year con—persisted. It didn't help that the registration numbers OtakuCon staff released were quickly challenged, or, for that matter, that the very name "OtakuCon" almost immediately led to a protest from Otakon (and presumably, Otakon's legal counsel.) By trying to do something different, OtakuCon invited being held to a much higher standard, a standard it failed to reach. What must be kept in mind, though, is that the failure of OtakuCon was not the failure of the concept of the professionally-run convention, but simply another anime con that overreached and went down in flames. Anime East, Aka-Con, C-kon, Katsucon 8 (not a failure, but close)... until proof to the contrary is seen, it looks like OtakuCon will join this list. However, at least as far as that goes, the chance to present proof is not too far off. Subarashii Nation, as D20 is now known, is putting together anime conventions in the St. Louis, San Diego, Atlanta and Denver markets, under the common brand name KuniCon
Read the full article HERE

On Cosplay.com, some cosplayers were already "singing praises" about Kunicon. Says one cosplayer "It seems CO has a small enough anime/cosplay community I'd hate to see it get smaller cuz of some lame con..." Read the full forum post HERE

Well, that's a quick view about what cosplayers think about Kunicon. What about AMV creators? I did some digging and I came up with this, a review of the AMV contest in St. Lious:

So I'm sitting waiting for the contest to start with a couple of friends next to me. A staff member comes up and quickly mumbles something to the audience of around 300 people that due to lack of entries the contest prizes and awards will be postponed to the next kunicon in may. I was angered by this. I wanted to compete. But i quickly accepted it since win or lose i just wanted my video to be shown.
Read the rest of this interesting interview HERE

Don't worry, there's more!

The con was very poorly run and had alot of downfalls AMV wise (Staying on topic) Not only was it horribly under-staffed, but the FTP server that allowed digital uploads for AMVs had no security. One could delete, or modify other users entries without question. Not to mention a con having a "hack in the box" contest got mad when their own server got hacked and the had to re-upload all of their content. Including all the AMVs that were submitted digitally, if you didn't re-upload it, you're out of luck.
Of course I provide you with a link, HERE

Well, there's a great number of complaints to be heard over at the Kunicon official forums. It's really all an interesting read, and don't feel like I would be doing it much justice by copy and pasting a few lines. Please, read it all HERE.

And of course, how can we forget the report that started it all? For a good time, read Maboroshi's full and updated report on Kunicon/Otakucon, and how he was verbally attacked by Manny, threatening violent actions. Please please, if you don't read any of the other links I've posted, read RIGHT HERE.

Well, I guess that ends my research for tonight. Maybe I'll pick it up again some other night. I encourage all of you to post your own reports/experiences with Kunicon, and if you can find any other evidence of their incompetence, please post!

Hugs and Kisses
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
11:53 am
My first question is this? did you go to Kunicon St. Louis? I would assume not, but then again I hate to assume...Kunicon St. Louis was a success for the 2000+ people that were there. I would really like to understand what your experience was with us? If your only argument is we're a company, then you have no real argument. Kunicon Miami had problems, and those problems were repaired 100% in St. Louis. go to most any forum talking about St. Louis - it speaks for itself. If your problem mainly resides in the AMV contest. then I will agree such a simple event in regards to its showing still had technical problems. I implore you to think about what you are saying and realize that small problems don't make us evil. Every convention has its problems, like them, we are working on fixing them. I am an AMV creator too, I hate that our contest has not played out properly. I am a simple guy, and I just want to run a great convention. If those things are what you hate, then there is nothing I can do to help you. if you have real concerns and want to voice them, please do so, so we can learn and improve. But what you attempt with your journal is to control people. To tell them what they should do. I don't agree with that. I am simply trying to point out, we are not as bad as you may think. I'm sorry if you find this post offensive, but we find our hard work being batted down by people like yourself that instead of work with us to fix things, they would rather villify us. I don't think its fair, if you were trying to build something you would understand.

again I'm sorry if this post on your LJ is offensive to you

Manny Camacho
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